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SIG5 Meeting at OntoWeb3: Sardinia , June 14th, 2002


As this was the kick-off meeting of the Special Interest Group on "Language Technology in Ontology Development and Use", emphasis has been on establishing a common understanding of the SIG goals and objectives between its partners. Therefore, in the morning a closed meeting was scheduled to discuss the primary goals of the SIG, of which in particular the strategy for supplying relevant information on language technology to the OntoWeb community as well as to the broader knowledge management community. The following options for this were discussed:

  • Overview of People, Projects, Products, etc.

SIG partners and interested organizations will be asked to supply all possible information on their current projects, products, etc. that are concerned with the application of language technology (in a broader sense) to knowledge management tasks (i.e. knowledge markup, ontology adaptation, and associated technologies such as information extraction and text mining). The gathered information will be made available as part of the OntoWeb portal. Contacts already exist with relevant other web portals (i.e. ELSNET, LT-World), between which information could be shared.

  • Qualitative Analysis and Show Case of Current Technology

In addition to this overview, also a more in-depth analysis of various topics in language technology for knowledge management will be made available through the SIG5 website. In order to show the practical value of the tools and approaches discussed here, samples generated by the discussed tools will be included in these reports.

In connection with this, a corpus will be collected by the SIG5 partners of scientific papers in the general area of the SIG (language technology for ontology development and use), which will be processed in automatic ways for knowledge markup and ontology construction using tools described at the SIG5 website as much as possible. In this respect, an example of knowledge markup with a semantic annotation tool developed within the MuchMore project was shown at the meeting.

In the afternoon, several demo’s were presented by SIG partners. These included in particular:

  • GATE, an integrated tool for developing applications with language processing components
  • MUMIS develops technology for automatic content-based indexing of multimedia documents
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