Information Portal

The main objective of SIG5 will be to define an information portal on language technology in ontology development and use (as part of the OntoWeb portal). The portal will serve as a platform for cooperation between R&D groups in language technology and knowledge management, in order to establish a common understanding of market and research needs, of relevant emerging standards (see also below), of tools and resources and related benchmarking and evaluation efforts, and to identify priorities in NLP development for ontology learning and application. Finally, the portal will function also as a contact point for related user and technology communities, among which in particular the "semantic technology" industry.


On standards, SIG5 will function as an interface between OntoWeb SIGs (specifically those on Content Standards, and on Ontology Language Standards) and standardizing initiatives in the language technology community, e.g.: ISLE - LT meta-data, XCES - corpus annotation, GTW - terminology, GWA - semantic lexicons (WordNet),...


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