OntoBasis (UIA)


The starting point of OntoBasis is the acknowledgement of the "chaotic Web" and the lack of interoperability between connected but autonomous information systems, either within one or across several organisations. The key-solution to this problem is a better understanding, control and management of the semantics of information, through the elaboration of computer-based ontologies as repositories of data semantics. These ontologies can be used as agreed standard reference points for meaning, documentation, agreements. A major goal of CNTS-UIA in this project is the construction of tools for the automatic extraction of ontological relations from unstructured and semi-structured sources, and the adaptation of general ontologies to specific domains. Available linguistic software developed within CNTS-UIA includes a memory-based shallow parser for English that uses the TiMBL Memory-Based Learning software and detects location, time and subject/verb/object structures.


For more information on this topic see also the ONTOBASIS-website.
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