AKT (KMI, University of Sheffield)


AKT is a six year, 11M Euros project sponsored by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). AKT aims to harness semantic web technology to provide new methods for retrieving, acquiring, publishing and reusing organizational knowledge. The project, which started in October 2000, involves the University of Southampton, the Open University, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Aberdeen, and the University of Sheffield together with a large number of major UK companies, bringing together leading UK research groups, at the forefront of knowledge, language and new media technologies. Its objectives are to develop technologies to cope with the six main challenges of knowledge management: acquisition, reuse, modeling, publication, retrieval/extraction and maintenance. An important aspect of AKT is the focus on large-scale applications of semantic web technology, to overcome the brittleness associated with much knowledge technology. Indeed the project boasts one of the largest RDF repositories in the world automatically populated by agents crawling the web, extracting information and translating this into RDF. For this reason the development of novel tools harnessing language technologies for the semantic web is a key activity in the project and has led to the realization of tools such as Armadillo, MnM, Magpie, and Amilcare, to name but a few.


For more information on this topic see also the AKT-website.

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