DOT.KOM (AIFB, KMI, University of Sheffield)


Dot.kom (Designing infOrmation extracTion for KnOwledge Management) is a EU-FP5 project on innovative methodologies for Knowledge Management (KM) and the Semantic Web (SW) based on Information Extraction (IE) from text. The project has a focus on two symmetrical aspects: how KM and SW pose requirements and challenges to IE and how IE changes KM and SW. The project focuses on the study and implementation of user-driven IE systems that can easily be ported to new application domains by domain experts with only limited or no knowledge of Natural Language Processing. Users are supported during the whole development of IE applications in a comprehensive way, from design to the release of the final application. Within Dot.Kom, the University of Sheffield has a focus on adaptive IE technology using Machine Learning. From the KM/SW point of view, the focus is on designing and implementing a methodology for KM that uses IE as a method for capturing knowledge in textual documents for its reuse, sharing and diffusion within a company and how IE can be integrated with existing KM/SW tools. The project will develop technologies that are expected to significantly increase the degree and quality of KM.


For more information on this topic see also the DOT.KOM-website.

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