GATE (University of Sheffield)


GATE is an open-source, world-leading platform for language technology, which provides support for multiple languages and formats, based on established standards, such as Unicode and XML. GATE is the first language technology platform to offer full support of Semantic Web standards, such as RDF and DAML+OIL, and enable the use of Semantic Web ontologies as resources in language technology applications. It is also interoperable with well-established tools such as the Protégé ontology editor, which is also integrated within GATE’s visual development tools. In addition, GATE provides a tool that enables any language technology application to export its results for the Semantic Web. Finally, GATE is currently being extended to use Semantic Web standards to store, index, and retrieve language resources in RDF repositories, such as Sesame . GATE is a constantly evolving platform and LanguageWeb will enable its further extension towards supporting language technology for the Semantic Web and the use of Semantic Web methods in language technology.


For more information on this topic see also the GATE-website.

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